The best multiplayer PC games 2022: top competitive games to play today

The best multiplayer PC games of 2023 are an eclectic bunch, but, no matter if you’re shooting down enemy combatants or making a vegetable garden with friends, there’s plenty here to please gamers of all tastes and stripes. 

Sure, the best single-player games might offer more intimate experiences, but with the best multiplayer PC games, the fun can be shared with friends, family, and even strangers. Some of these titles rank amongst the best co-op PC games while others encourage a more adversarial approach. Either way, many of the titles here rank amongst the best PC games out there, thanks to their dynamic multiplayer environments. 

At TechRadar Gaming, we’ve spent years scouring our game catalogs in search of only the very best multiplayer gaming experiences. From tense co-op shooters to dramatic battle royale games, our list below has plenty to offer. So, pull up a chair, pull up some friends, and get ready to find your next multiplayer adventure.

Heroes looking at the sunset

(Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

Why we love it

Overwatch 2 is best played with friends. Its team-based play lends it extremely well to group matchmaking, allowing you not only to team up with your pals, but also to complement each others’ characters and playstyles.