The best racing wheels for PC in 2023

The best racing wheels for PC will be your best bet if you want to squeeze every last drop of immersive fun out of your racing games. Even if you aren’t looking for a more realistic experience, there’s no doubt that mounting a wheel to a desk and mixing in some pedals will be so much more fun. The great news is, there are so many viable options on the market right now. If you’re looking for your first wheel, there are some good-value, budget-friendly options we can suggest. If you want the bee’s knees for the upcoming F1 2023, there are seriously in-depth wheels we can recommend too.

There’s more to racing than steering one way or the other, however. Across the best racing wheels, you’ll also find premium features such as force feedback which can take immersion to the next level. Force feedback is when you can feel your car fighting back, particularly on tough terrain – which will really boost your game feel. This is something that can really set wheels apart from even the most feature-filled PC controllers.