The best sim racing games for 2023

Coming soon: Forza Motorsport (2023)

Though the seasoned sim racers will scoff, the Forza Motorsport franchise has their place. Alongside Gran Turismo, it’s the AAA entry point into a world that gets ever-more niche the deeper you go. Everyone started out on one of them, at least in the last decade, so cut ‘em some slack. More to the point, there are brand spanking new entries in both of these franchises – one out for a year now in the excellent Gran Turismo 7 and one coming soon in the Forza reboot. GT promised and delivered stunning graphics, an engrossing career, good physics and GT nostalgia and has received superb DLC, patches and updates over the last year. Forza promises more of the same, when it eventually arrives.

Coming soon: Assetto Corsa 2 (2024-2025)

It’s a long way out – years perhaps – but the first signs of life in terms of a sequel to the beloved Kunoz-developed sim racer are there. It’s officially on the way, albeit for a release no earlier than 2024 by our rough estimations. We don’t know anything about it, only that the devs are reasonably aware of fan expectations for the game, as a follow-up to what came before. Not relevant now but definitely worth keeping on the radar.

So those are our sim racer picks for 2023. Do you agree, disagree? Is there anything we missed? Let us know.

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