The educational benefits of adventure games

Learning can happen in any context. It can happen anytime, even though you do not feel it is like a learning experience. You do not only need to study for exams, read books or studies, or take notes. You can learn in an informal context too, where there is fun and enjoyment. The majority of students think about learning and associate it with being in class and having a teacher. 

However, technology is advancing tremendously and it constantly provides us with the tools we need for advancing learning too. The gaming industry is expanding year by year and it develops and launches some of the games that are beneficial to education too. Among these, are adventure games. So, how can playing adventure games benefit education and students? Are there online adventure games students can play for free? Are there adventure video games that can be incorporated into education? Let’s find out. 

Developing Creative Thinking 

The difference between adventure games and other game types is that they are open-world. This means players are free to explore the map, do quests, and discover the world by themselves. This is helping them develop their creative thinking skills tremendously as they discover the environment at their own pace and learn how to use it to their advantage. They have to find unique solutions to challenges, as there is a non-linear way of progressing in the game. 

So, the journey of every player might look different. At the same time, every online adventure game and not only includes puzzles. Their difficulty ranges from easy to complex and this forces players to just think outside the box and creatively look for solutions. The environment created by these adventure games is so immersive that students might lose track of time. So, to prevent falling behind their academic deadlines, they can get help from professional writers. Writing services like Edubirdie provide students with the most experienced help when it comes to writing essays. This way, they can meet the academic demands and improve their soft skills too. 

Teamwork and Collaboration 

Another essential benefit of adventure games is that they help improve teamwork and collaboration between players. If you play an adventure game with your colleagues or peers, you have to learn how to collaborate to complete quests. Many of the adventure games out there offer the option of multiplayer, so you need to communicate effectively with your teammates and coordinate your actions. You might have shared objectives and goals, so you need to work together to achieve these goals. It comes with the motivation to work together. And it improves teamwork and collaboration tremendously. 

Language Skills 

Most games are developed in English, even though others might have other language options too. No matter the language you choose to play your adventure game in, you will improve your language skills. It might be in your native language or a foreign one. However, you have to read the instructions, comprehend the text, and apply what you have just read. Which, of course, helps you with improving your reading comprehension skills, but also expands your vocabulary. 

Learning About History and Culture 

One of the greatest benefits of adventure games is that you can easily learn about topics that might seem boring otherwise. And history and culture are among them. Instead of just reading huge walls of text, you can play an adventure game that has many historical and cultural facts integrated. When the information is presented in an engaging way, you will learn it easier. Many of the adventures are set in historical places where you can learn more about them. You can learn about geography or culture too and this expands your knowledge in a fun and engaging way. 

Final Thoughts 

Adventure games come with a wide range of benefits for education. They help enhance a wide range of skills, including problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, language skills, and teamwork. The fact that the environment they create is immersing and engaging, encourages students to explore, experiment, and learn through experience. Whether set in historical or culturally significant locations, or fantasy worlds, adventure games offer a unique opportunity for students to learn about new concepts and develop important cognitive and social skills. And they can apply these skills throughout their lives, not only in college but also in their professional and personal lives. 

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