The PlayStation Plus Collection dies in a week, so claim these 19 ‘free’ games before they’re gone

PlayStation will end the PS Plus Collection on Tuesday, May 9, so consider this an urgent reminder that you’ve got one week to claim 19 games and keep them for as long as you maintain a PS Plus subscription.

The PS Plus Collection predates the service’s Essentials, Extra, and Premium subscription tiers, which have introduced their own collections via the Game Catalog, Classics Catalog, and Cloud Streaming Catalog. The PS Plus Collection contains 19 games – it used to be 20 until Persona 5 skipped town – and some of them are not available through the new catalogs, so it’s doubly worth claiming all of them before May 9. As long as you add these games to your digital library – and there’s a little button for that on their store pages – you’ll still be able to access them even on an Essentials subscription.