Toyota Confirms Next-Gen Tacoma Gets Trailhunter Model

Toyota has teased a new version of the upcoming Tacoma, which it calls the Trailhunter. The truck appears to be an off-road-focused trim level for the next generation Tacoma, though Toyota had next to nothing to say about the trim at this time.

“Developed from the ground up for those seeking extended adventures, Tacoma Trailhunter will build upon Toyota’s legendary off-road and overlanding credibility with purpose-built engineering and robust components. Stay tuned for more” is all the brand had to say in its press materials.

However, the automaker did include a couple of teaser images, one of which shows the Tacoma’s headlight. This coincides with the design patents we covered a few months back, which revealed the updated Taco’s styling. That includes this headlight shape. Text reading “Trailhunter” is also inscribed in the headlight housing, which could mean the lights are trim-specific. In addition to a strong resemblance to the Brazilian patents from earlier this year, the teaser photos look quite a lot like Toyota’s 2021 electric pickup concept.

Teaser photo of 2024 Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter's rear bumper detail

The paint is somewhere between brown and bronze, and this could well be specific to this model of Tacoma. It also appears Toyota is working with ARB, a third-party 4×4 and off-road accessory company, on at least this trim level. The photo of the rear bumper shows ARB branding there, and we wouldn’t be shocked to see more ARB touches, including a front bumper. The off-road company also provided some tow points on this new trim, as the photos reveal. Above the bumper, there looks to be an external power source on the tailgate.

Toyota’s text provides some clues about the trim’s intended audience and use case. A Tacoma built for overlanding will likely have plenty of lighting and power sources, upgraded ground clearance, and clever places to put things. If Toyota is smart, it’ll offer a host of accessories like the ones it showed off at the 2022 SEMA Show.