Two of the best adventure games of the ’90s that you never played are getting remasters

Little Big Adventure, or Relentless: Twinsen’s Adventure outside of Europe, blew my tiny freaking mind in 1994. The isometric, pseudo-3D, non-linear adventure romp seemed so ambitious at the time, and I vividly remember devouring every preview and drooling over the glossy screenshots that graced my favourite mags. Thankfully, it managed to live up to my huge expectations, even if it was absolutely too tricky and elaborate for my stupid nine-year-old brain. 

It was a big deal in Europe, and was followed up by a sequel a few years later, but apparently nobody gave two shits about it across the Atlantic. If you’re an American reader, then, you might not have a clue how magical the adventures of Twinsen actually were. Maybe it was just too French for ’90s America. It really was very French.