Why GTA Online multiplayer is best played solo

It might seem strange to some people, but GTA Online is a multiplayer game that’s often best to play solo. Several reasons for this claim largely boil down to recent updates and some gamers’ playstyles. It’s worth noting that this article’s aim is not to dissuade one from enjoying the title with others since some aspects of it, like PvP, are still alive.

That said, playing the game by oneself is just oddly better in certain ways. For example, Rockstar Games doesn’t give GTA Online players many incentives to engage in activities with others. Heists are the biggest reason to team up with friends, but most solo gamers would stick with The Cayo Perico Heist anyhow. With that in mind, let’s look at some other reasons it’s best to play the title alone.

Note: Some aspects of this article are subjective.

Here’s why GTA Online is a multiplayer game that’s best played solo

Many people play this game by themselves (Image via Rockstar Games)
Many people play this game by themselves (Image via Rockstar Games)

Unlike other popular multiplayer video games today, GTA Online is a title where most of the content can be done solo. The few things a person can’t do (like certain heists and missions) essentially just give them cash, a resource they can get elsewhere.

Rockstar Games often offers a few incentives to participate in activities with other players. For instance, accomplishing a Sell Mission in a Public Session with many gamers would give the person selling the product more cash than if they did it alone in an Invite Only Session.

However, the hassle of being griefed and losing time often makes players not want to bother.

The advantages of playing GTA Online solo

If you need money, pay El Rubio a visit (Image via Rockstar Games)
If you need money, pay El Rubio a visit (Image via Rockstar Games)

Here is a short list of why some players prefer to play the game by themselves:

  • Can’t get griefed if nobody else is there: One of the biggest reasons for most players. It’s nice knowing you won’t randomly get Wasted by somebody in a title where PvP isn’t always consensual.
  • Most of the game can be done by yourself: Any content that requires other players is easily avoidable.
  • Recent years promote this playstyle: Ever since The Cayo Perico Heist was a smash hit, recent GTA Online updates often reward players for doing content by themselves (like finally being able to do Sell Missions in Invite Only Sessions).
  • Non-soloable heists aren’t worth the trouble: Doing heists is often best if you have a friend online since randoms are infamously bad in this game.
  • Much of this game revolves around money: Many moneymakers are possible to do by yourself, which means you don’t need others to be in a lobby with you.
  • No mics: It’s nice not to hear questionable dialogue from other players.
  • There are better games for racing and PvP: GTA Online has a little bit of everything, but some of its gameplay features are much more enjoyable in other multiplayer games that specialize in those niches.

GTA Online has gradually shifted to becoming more enjoyable as a solo experience rather than a multiplayer one in recent years. It will be interesting if Rockstar Games offers an incentive past a little bit of extra money to reward individuals playing with others. As it stands now, you never have to interact with other players if you don’t want to, and you can solo most of the game in an Invite Only Session.

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