Wild Hearts: How to Play Online | Multiplayer Guide

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Wild Hearts is a game that can be played entirely solo, however, its cooperative multiplayer elements certainly add something to the experience of taking down the giant, powerful kemonos scattered across Azuma. Despite the game’s willingness to let players get through the game entirely on their own, there are also plenty of reasons to join up with friends or internet randoms in order to complete their hunts.

For starters, it’s always fun to collaborate with others in games for a common goal, but playing Wild Hearts multiplayer can also help with the high difficulty of taking down the game’s biggest monsters. On top of that, helping others defeat kemonos will net you plenty of great in-game rewards such as kemono orbs that are used to level up. Regardless of what reason you’re trying group up for, here’s everything you need to know about playing Wild Hearts multiplayer.

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How to Join Hunts

If you’re looking to join a random hunt that’s going on in Wild Hearts, there are three main ways to do it. The first is to warm yourself by a campfire and then select “Play online.” In this menu, you’ll be able to enter six different tags for the type of multiplayer experience you’re looking for. Tags include things like specific kemono, specific areas on the map, and the different styles of play. Enter the tags for the type of session you want and then select “Search.” From here, you’ll be able to select a group of other players to hunt with.

The other way to join up with other random players is to find a Hunters’ Gate scattered across Azuma. They look like small, waist-high green arches that have a blue circle in the center to notify you that there are other hunters looking for assistance. Approach a gate and interact with it to pull up a list of hunts currently going on. Select the desired hunt and then join the fight against the kemono. Unlike the method listed above, when the hunt is over, you’ll be sent back to your game with your rewards.

Another way of starting a hunt-specific session is to rest at a campfire and then select “decide what to hunt next.” When in this menu, select the kemono you want to hunt and then select “Join Session.” Once you do, the game will automatically match you with players that are currently on the hunt for the selected kemono.

How to Get Online Assistance

If you’re not looking to join other peoples’ games, instead, looking for help yourself, there are, again, two ways of getting it. The first is very similar to the first method of joining a game listed above. Sit down at a campfire and then select “Play online.” Instead of searching for a session, however, create one and then add the appropriate tags for the kind of game you’re looking to set up. When creating a session like this, you won’t be restricted to a single hunt, so you can play as much of the game as you like with people online.

If you’re only looking for help on a specific hunt, however, warm yourself by the fire and depart on the hunt. Once you’ve identified the kemono’s position using a hunting tower, open your map and find the kemono on it. When hovering your cursor over it, you’ll see a prompt to request assistance by hitting the Y or Triangle button. Ask for help and then wait for other players to join you. Once the hunt is over, they’ll leave your game.

How to Play With Friends

If you don’t want to play Wild Hearts with random players on the internet, you can easily play with friends. Open the menu and head to the Communication section. Tab over to your friend list and you’ll see a full list of your friends on the platform you’re currently playing on. From here, select the friend you want to play with and then invite them to your session. If you want to play with friends on a different platform, hit the X or Square button to switch platforms and then search for your friend from there.